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I always struggled with my weight. Nicolle approached me & sent me the information on the 21-day detox/cleanse. I was overwhelmed in the beginning but once she said we could make modifications, I was more comfortable. A few days in I was sluggish but was starting to feel a change for the better in my body. I was afraid of losing my energy levels & especially my strength during workouts but I actually felt like had more energy! I also felt leaner!

Nicolle was always available to speak to whenever I had questions. Her app also made it easy to keep track of the foods I was eating, provided a quick glance at what foods I was encouraged to eat, recipes & overall day to day wellness.

Although my 21 days are over, I have chosen to continue eating the foods that made my body feel better. Thank you Nicolle for helping me start this journey I should've started sooner!!


I met Nicolle through a friend who was currently working with her and experiencing great results. Finally, after hitting rock bottom, I reached out to Nicolle and started her 90 day program. Nicolle’s attention to detail, wealth of knowledge, positive attitude and giving spirit made what could have been a really painful process something I truly enjoyed. Nicolle helped me to prioritize myself, take charge of my life, and drastically change the way I approach food. I can proudly say that I have lost 20 pounds, and continue to improve by using all the tools she gave me. I can it recommend Nicolle highly enough.

Sarah Patanker

Personal Training Fairlawn

Nicolle Ahles’ Push To Change Program has helped reshape my life. This program saved me from disordered eating, depression, and an imbalanced lifestyle. Over the past few years, my weight has ‘yo-yoed’, and food was something I used for coping with my stresses. Her proven strategy has changed the way I approach food and, most of all, my life. In just a few months, not only have I lost weight, but also gained confidence and self-worth. What sets Push To Change apart from any other weight loss program is Nicolle. She truly wants to enhance people’s lives and her passions are infectious. My progress started with the first phone call I had with Nicolle. She has taught me so much about food, nutrition, and how I approach life; and because of Nicolle and the Push To Change program, I know I will remain healthy for my entire life.


Personal Training Fairlawn

When first meeting Nicolle I was in a negative headspace and physically unfit. I was experiencing worry and depression, on top of an already low self-esteem. During the day I would feel chronically fatigued and as if I was dragging my body around. I craved the worst kinds of food and never truly understood what healthy eating meant. But now, a year later and 40 pounds lighter I feel like myself again. Nicolle helped teach me what it meant to eat a healthy diet and the importance of mindfulness of how I nourish my body. She has a plethora of knowledge that she is always excited and eager to share, making the experience all that much more fun. When I fell off the wagon she was there to encourage me and build me back up. Going to try on clothes felt like torture, but today I can proudly say yes to an invitation to the mall and enjoy some shopping. Since being able to develop healthy eating and exercise habits I continue to lose weight and feel energized, motivated and above all happy. When you work with Nicolle you will not be disappointed!!

Kristin C.

Nicole was outstanding teacher of giving me a lot ideas how to eat properly and teach of positive approach in life. I am definetely recommend her classes as very useful information.

Inessa Gurevich

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