Did you succeed with your New Year's resolution?

Did you succeed with your New Year's resolution?

Did you succeed with your New Year's resolution?


If you didn't, you’re not alone - 80 percent of those who make a resolution fail by the second week of February.


Why is that? Are we that undisciplined? Is it just that hard? Why do we keep giving up and then find ourselves trying again?


Simply put - we try too much, too fast, and our bodies are stronger than our brains. One of the most difficult challenges to overcome is our addiction to sugar.


What's that mean? First, your body is happy with what you're doing, it likes the routine, and second, it's addicted to the sugar. Sugar is a drug, and your body starts relying on it for satisfying its pleasure senses.


When you decide to go on an extreme diet and cut out all unhealthy foods, your body starts to panic. It then starts telling your brain that you really need these foods to make you happy. You hold off and use as much discipline as you can for as long as you can. And then...you give in.


You go to a party and they have cake and you say “Well, I did so well for the past few weeks, so I deserve a little piece. That's it, the roller coaster begins all over again.


How do we stop this?


We start slowly, we choose one thing each week that we are either going to stop or start.


For instance:

Week 1 -START- going to drink more water each day.

Week 2 -STOP- going to add protein into my breakfast.

Week 3 -START- going to eat only half the usual dessert.

Week 4 -START- going to walk for 15 minutes 3 times this week.


If you committed to and achieved all 4 target goals, look how well you're doing.

Now reward yourself by inviting a friend to come to walk with you, purchasing new workout clothes, or buying a healthy cookbook.

Always define your rewards ahead of time and never let them be about food.


You are on your way! For more ways on how to realize your goals and make healthy changes, contact me and we can figure out what program works best for you.  


Nicolle Ahles - Push To Change - Health Coach



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