Fighting the Winter Blues?

Fighting the Winter Blues?

Fighting the Winter Blues?


You’re eating healthy, going to bed early, and exercising, and you still wake up tired and unenthusiastic.


You’re not doing anything wrong.

You might just have a case of the “winter blues.”


“Winter blues” start after long periods of cold weather and dark skies. Your mood can be caused by the lack of vitamin D, melatonin and/or serotonin, which you get from sunlight.


Be aware of how you feel, take control of the situation, and most importantly, don’t use the “winter blues” as an excuse to eat unhealthy foods to try to make yourself feel better.


Instead, try some of these ideas:

·        Bundle up and go for a walk, and feel the crisp air on your face.

·        Throw a snowball, or go ice skating or sledding.

·        Do something that makes you laugh: watch your favorite funny movie, or go out and see a comedy show.

·        Do something fun and out of the ordinary with great friends.

·        Move - get sweaty, get into a new exercise routine. Try boxing, CrossFit, or martial arts classes, or join a trail-walking group.

·        Wear bright clothing, and switch your baggy sweatpants for something fun and fitted.


If nothing else works, check with your health care provider to see if you need vitamin D supplements, or try light therapy.



Only you can change you. There is only one of you - why not treat yourself like gold?


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