Getting Your Family to Eat Healthy

Getting Your Family to Eat Healthy

These are not facts, but rather what I have observed on my own weight-loss journey and the journeys of the families I’ve had the honor of helping.


Your morning consists of plying your child with bowls of high-sugar cereal.

Then you proceed to get him ready and off to school.

You’re screaming, no one is listening, and everyone is all over the place.


What is going on here??


Your child’s teacher calls for a conference and she says he’s not listening, he’s all over the place, and then come afternoon he has his head on the desk, exhausted.


The teacher asks what he eats for breakfast.

You know it's not the healthiest and you put your head down in shame. You knew it wasn’t the best breakfast, but you never realized what an impact it had on his day.

Then you realize you have the same pattern. Your day starts with two cups of coffee, and a bagel or whatever quick bite of food you can get into your mouth. Most of the time it’s also a sugar- loaded breakfast, followed by an afternoon crash.

Then the cycle repeats  


You decide it’s time for a change, so you announce to the family, “We are going to eat healthy from now on. No sugar, no cereal, no snacks.”


Your family has no idea what's going on and now feels punished, and for what? For eating what you give them, and now you’re going to take it all away and they don't even know what they did wrong?!


Your family will fight you tooth-and-nail on this in the end, they will win because this situation is so dramatic and exhausting and hard and everyone is miserable, so you decide it’s just not worth the struggle.


How in the world do you do this??







Change your meals a little at a time and never say they’re healthy. If you're going to serve fried chicken and macaroni and cheese, are you going to announce that it’s an amazing, artery-clogging meal that will make you feel sluggish and tired after you eat it, and who knows what it’s doing to your organs?


NO, you’re not!


Why announce you're going to eat something healthy???


Just make a meal and serve it that's it- no announcement or grand entrance is necessary. You can make it fun and laugh at yourself making it with your family. You can declare that you’re trying to be adventurous and want your food to be colorful and exciting. You can announce that you’ve been watching some cool cooking shows and you always dreamed of creating amazing dishes for your family, or that you’ve been bored with what you’re cooking and want some meals to look like your friends’ creations. You get the idea.

Yes, there will be times when they aren't going to like it. There will also be times when you might not like it. Just be prepared for failures.


I guarantee that over time you will know what works and what doesn't.

Start with one breakfast, one lunch and one dinner change the first week at most.

Every week add a new meal, and take note of the recipes that everyone liked and those you will never, ever make again.


Your family will embark on an amazing journey, filled with healthy foods, and you’ll know you've struck gold when your family starts to request certain dishes. Let me tell you from firsthand experience that there is nothing like your eleven-year-old asking for stuffed peppers and cauliflower rice.


You will feel proudest and like the best mom in the world - mostly because if you feel like me, that it is my job to do the best for my family, if they are not eating nutritious meals, who else is there to blame but me?


The best part will be when you see improvements in your child's behavior and you receive a phone call from his teacher, this time asking what you are doing because whatever it is, it's working.


You can decide you want your family to eat healthy and make it happen. If you need more ideas and solutions on how to take steps to feeding your family healthy, nutritious meals, fill out the form on the right and I will contact you shortly.

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