Answers to the Most Asked Questions:

Answers to the Most Asked Questions:


1.      Snacks - How do I control snacking?

a.      Schedule when you will allow yourself to have a snack.

b.      Pre-plan night before what snacks you’re going to eat the next day.

c.      Stick to the suggested serving size, put the snack in a separate bowl (never eat out of the box or the bag).

d.      Always choose a healthy snack.

2.      Water – I can’t seem to drink enough water.

a.      Purchase a fun water bottle that is light enough to carry around all day.

b.      Put a timer on your phone to remind you to drink the planned amount every two hours..

c.      Make it fun and tasty – add lemon, lime, watermelon, basil, mint…

d.      Keep it room temperature, it’s easier to drink this way.

3.      Going out to eat - I seem to eat too much when I go out to eat.

a.      If possible, choose the restaurant yourself so you can look at the menu first.

b.      Before you go, look at the menu and decide what you’re going to eat.

c.      Have a little something healthy before you go; arriving hungry at a restaurant increases the chances of bingeing.

d.      Also, visualize - studies show that if you can imagine yourself eating the foods you choose, and you picture yourself leaving the restaurant feeling satisfied and content, you raise your chances of keeping to your plan to 95%.

4.      Exercise – How to start, and what if I don’t like to exercise?

a.      Those who never exercise typically start by not liking it, so the trick is finding the type of exercise that’s right for you.

b.      Ask a friend if they would like to join you and hold each other accountable.

c.      Make a list of 5-7 gyms or fitness facilities in your area that you would like to try. Most places give a free trial. Then decide which one works best for you; you may start at one gym and change after a few months.

d.      Start slow and don’t set unrealistic goals. If you haven’t exercised in years, don’t expect to feel comfortable working out 5 times a week. Start with 2 days for a few weeks and once that feel comfortable, add a day until you are at the amount of days that feel good for your body and your schedule.

5.      Grazing all day – How do I stop?

a.      Schedule when you’re going to eat every meal, and make a plan and stick to it. We tend to have too much freedom with food. Remember back in the day when it was 3 three square meals, then dessert? Well, that is the healthiest way.

b.      Have meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner should be well-rounded meals. If you eat well-rounded meals with all food groups (protein, fat and carbs), you will not have the urge to eat more.

c.      Typically, when we eat all day it’s because we are emotionally unsatisfied. Try journaling when you are craving a snack, and just write why you want to eat. Do you want it because you’re hungry, tired, cold, bored, and see if you can find something else to do instead of eating.

6.      Motivation – I start really excited and motivated until week two or three.

a.      Write down your goals on a sheet of paper and put it somewhere visible.

b.      Answer this – why are these your goals? Dig deep, we usually have a more heartfelt meaning, so use that as your motivation.

c.      Find an anchor – something you can wear or bring with you all the time, such as a picture on your phone. Having a reminder of why you have these goals will help you during the hard times.

d.      Keep changing things up - different foods, different exercises, activities with different people.

e.      Typically you quit because of boredom and/or not seeing fast enough results, so be realistic about your results.

f.       Choose small goals and write them down each time you achieve them. We seem to forget the small achievements, and when you see all the small changes and add them up, it will motivate you again.

7.      Sleep – I am not sleeping well.

a.      If you are not sleeping well, you will wake up craving sugar because your body will be looking for a quick burst of energy.

b.      Keep yourself on a schedule: having a consistent bedtime ritual allows your body time to wind down from the day.

c.      Wake up and go to bed at the same time every day, even on weekends. If you have a schedule that changes often, try to maintain a consistent wake up and bedtime schedule.

d.      Do not eat anything three hours before you bedtime.

e.      If you do eat at night, choose a protein or fat so your metabolism is not increased before you go to bed.

8.      Meditation – It’s hard for me to stay still.

a.      Start slow, just sit for a few minutes.

b.      Use an app to walk you through it.

c.      Make sure you’re comfortable and have the time to relax.

d.      Turn your phone off and make it your time.

e.      Understand the importance of meditation and carve out the time to do it.

9.      Journaling – Why does everyone tell me to journal, it’s so hard?

a.      When you are making changes, your mind and body are going to keep fighting you on it. Journaling is a good way to work through these thoughts, and you can go back to past experiences to remind yourself what’s important to you, and why.

b.      Set a time: you need to go to bed every day and you need to wake up. Choose a time that you’re going to journal every day, and make it part of your routine. Put the book and a pen in a place where you find yourself sitting often.

c.      In my experience, my clients who came to me to lose weight and wrote in a food journal are the ones who had the greatest success in achieving their goals.

d.      Be aware of how you feel before you journaled, and then how you feel afterward. Remember that feeling next time you are being lazy about journaling.

10.   Nourishing the Soul – What does that mean, and why do I need to do it?

a.      Nourishing the soul is doing something that makes you feel amazing.

b.      Many women are often givers and caretakers, but as a caretaker are you being taken care of? If you don’t also take care of yourself, you will eventually feel resentful and burnt out, and/or have your own health issues.

c.      What activity do you enjoy so much that the hours just fly  by?. Try to do that for yourself.

d.      Some nourishing ideas: getting your hair or nails done, massage, going to the beach alone and reading a book, painting, cooking, window shopping, meeting a friend. Whatever it is, when you leave you will feel amazing

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